Driving a Honda has its’ perks: along with the top-notch performance you also get to use a host of advanced features in your car. However, all this fun can be short-lived if you encounter engine oil leaks in your Honda as the brand is particularly susceptible to this issue that takes a toll on its performance.

Why Do Engine Oil Leaks Occur?

Well, all of us are aware of the importance of engine oil for the engine and the way it circulates through to lubricate the moving components so they can function efficiently. There are several components involved in this process and the prominent reason behind engine oil leaks is related to issues with the functioning of these parts.

Now, the best way to address engine oil leaks in Honda is by tackling the root of the problem, typically this is faulty parts in your car but below are some of the most common causes for an oil leak.

Common Factors That Cause Oil Leaks

Bad Oil Filter

One of the prominent factors behind leaking of the engine oil from your vehicle is the oil filter. The oil filter in your Honda is responsible for preventing the entry of dirt & other contaminants into the engine of your car.

Generally, the nature of the functioning of the oil filter is such that after a few years dirt & debris start accumulating. This leads to the oil filter getting blocked and the flow of engine oil gets restricted due to the clogged oil filter. Besides that, the pressure from within the engine also starts affecting the oil filter adversely.

This is when the engine oil starts leaking from the oil filter of your car & the best way to get rid of the problem is by replacing the bad oil filter in Honda with the help of qualified mechanics in your locality.

Damaged Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan gasket is a crucial component in your vehicle and controls the flow of the engine oil by acting as a barrier between the oil pan and the engine block. The majority of times it is observed that a damaged oil pan gasket is the root cause behind the engine oil leaks.

Furthermore, if you come across a puddle of fluid underneath your Honda where you have parked it or the engine seems to overheat out of nowhere coupled with low levels of engine oil, then you can be assured of a damaged oil pan gasket which is leading to engine oil leaks in Honda.

A damaged oil pan gasket needs to be inspected by a Honda specialist and replaced accordingly if the need arises to prevent further leaks of engine oil.

Valve Cover Gasket Failure

Sometimes drivers are surprised to find that the engine oil leaks from the top of the engine of their car and if you happen to come across the same thing happening in your Honda then it is the damaged valve cover gasket that is causing the oil to leak from the top of the engine.

The valve cover gasket acts like a seal between the cylinder head & the valve and this creates a protective covering for the components inside the cylinder head. The valve cover gasket in your Honda needs to be replaced after a few years of usage during the regular maintenance schedule of your Honda.

Faulty Filler Cap

At times, the filler cap in your Honda can be the source of an oil leak. Though it’s rare it cannot be ruled out completely. Over time, and as the miles add up, the filler cap in your high-end car wears out and can break.

If the oil cap happens to be loose then you can tighten it accordingly, however, if the oil cap is completely broken then you have to get it replaced with a new one.

Tackling Engine Oil Leaks

The above-discussed factors shed important light on the engine oil leak problem that your Honda encounters on a regular basis. Considering the problems it is pertinent to mention that it requires the able hands of a certified mechanic to diagnose the source of engine oil leaks in your Honda and then initiate the remedial measures to address the problem accordingly.

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