Car ownership is supposed to make traveling a pleasure but this is not always the case, because sometimes, there might be problems with your car. One of the issues that people with Kia cars have reported is the power steering system that often gets loose. If you feel that your steering is not responding well or is shaky, then it is advisable to have it checked. Here is a detailed guide on how to handle a loose power steering system in a Kia automobile.

What Power Steering System Does

Power steering is a mechanism in your Kia that helps you to turn the steering wheel with much ease. This system uses hydraulic or electric power to assist your steering, thereby decreasing the amount of effort required to steer the car. Sometimes, this system may have problems and your steering wheel may appear less responsive or even quite rigid when you turn it. Here’s a breakdown of the common signs of problems.

Symptoms of a Damaged Power Steering System

Wobbly Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel vibrates or moves from side to side, then your power steering system may be loose. This wobble can make it difficult to maintain a straight road and could be dangerous if not corrected immediately.

Difficulty Turning

Another clear indication that your car’s power steering is loose is when you find it hard to turn the steering wheel. You may find it especially difficult to turn at very slow speeds, for instance, when parking or when making a sharp turn.

Unresponsive Steering

If you try to turn it and the wheels do not follow the movement as soon as you have turned it, then this is another sign. Lack of response in the steering is something that is very scary and could lead to an accident especially when the car is moving at a very high speed.

Strange Noises

Turn the steering wheel occasionally and check for any squeaking or creaking sounds. Whining or squealing sounds can signal problems with the power steering system. Most of these noises indicate that the system is in a state of inefficiency and can hardly perform as expected.

How to Handle a Loose Power Steering System

Check Fluid

The most common cause of problems in your Kia steering is low steering fluid. Find the steering fluid container mounted in the engine compartment. It is commonly tagged and can be located quickly. Sometimes, the dipstick fixed at the top of the reservoir cap can be used to check whether the fluid level is low or not or one can look at the markings on the side of the reservoir. If it is, then it is recommended that you put the right steering fluid that you are supposed to use in your Kia as suggested in the Kia’s manual. As you are at it, observe the vicinity of the reservoir and the hoses for potential signs of fluid leakage.

Examine the Steering Components

Inspect the steering rack for any signs of oil leakage, cracks, other damages, or worn-out areas. This component is responsible for the turning of the wheels through the motion created by the steering wheel. Also, check the ball joint for any sign of wear or looseness since they enable the suspension to move and may also influence the manner in which the car steers.

Professional Help

If you do not feel like inspecting your Kia or you find a defect but are not sure how to handle it, then you should take your car to a Kia mechanic. A professional mechanic has the capability of identifying the issue with the car accurately and has the right tools and spare parts to make the required repairs.

Bring Your Kia To Bruce Cox Imports Expert Mechanics

At Bruce Cox Imports, we have certified mechanics Kia Power Steering System whose aim is to assist Import Auto owners in the Bellingham, WA area to take better care of their cars by offering superior services and auto repair. If you feel that the response of the steering in your Kia is slow, it could be a result of a loose component within the steering system. Once you notice the problem, it is advisable to drive or tow your Kia to our workshop.

Our team of auto mechanics specializing in Asian automobiles will easily diagnose and address the steering issue to make your car safe for the roads. We are also happy to cater to the needs of drivers from Ferndale and Lynden in the state of Washington. If you have any concerns with your Kia or you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call us at 360-671-8326.

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