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A smooth driving experience is one of the selling points when you decide to invest in an Import car. Whether it’s automatic or manual transmission, a working clutch is essential to enjoying the highest quality performance and smoothest driving experience. As the miles add up, the components in your car’s clutch will continue to wear down, impacting the quality of your time behind the wheel more & more. At Bruce Cox Imports, we specialize in clutch services & repairs to help Import auto drivers throughout the Bellingham area maintain the high-quality performance they expect.

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At Bruce Cox Imports, our ASE certified technicians have decades of experience working with Import vehicles. We use our knowledge & expertise to offer specialist-level services for all models of:

Import Auto Clutch Services & Repairs

Our team knows all the ins & outs of each make & model and will always work with you to make sure you know exactly what your clutch needs to perform at the highest level.

Signs of A/C
a Slipping Clutch

As the components in your clutch continue to wear down, you’ll begin to notice dips in the performance of your car. Signs to look for that indicate a slipping clutch can include:

  • Burning Smells When Revving the Engine
  • Difficulties Shifting Gears
  • Clutch Pedal Sticks, Vibrates, or Feels Spongy
  • Poor Acceleration

When something’s off with your clutch you can feel it, making it even more important to have your car serviced as soon as you notice any performance issues. Bruce Cox Imports keeps our shop fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available to ensure accurate, high-quality clutch services no matter what you need.

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Conveniently located in Bellingham, since 1995 Bruce Cox Imports has been the go-to Import auto repair shop for drivers in the city and from all throughout surrounding areas including:

If your clutch is slipping or you have other questions about service for your car, please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment.

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