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When it comes to taking care of your car, almost nothing is as important as making sure your brakes are in proper working condition. Whether you’re coming to a sudden stop or simply driving as usual, you need to know you can count on your brakes without any issues. Routine maintenance is a key part of any Import vehicle’s service plan but following your car’s schedule is essential to making sure your brakes are healthy and issue-free. At Bruce Cox Imports, we offer high-quality brake maintenance & services for the Bellingham area’s most popular Import vehicles.

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Import Auto Brake Services

At Bruce Cox Imports, we understand that each make & model has unique requirements when it comes to maintaining your brakes. Our ASE certified mechanics have decades of experience working with Import vehicles and will always work with you to make sure your car gets the service it needs and that you know exactly what and why that is.

Signs of Potential
Brake Issues

With how often you drive, you know when something starts to feel off but when it comes to your brakes, there are signs to look for that indicate it is an issue with your brakes specifically including:

  • Visibly Leaking Fluid
  • Squealing or Grinding Noises When Braking
  • Brake Pedal is Soft or Spongy
  • Car Pulls to One Side When Braking
  • Burning Smells
  • Car Wobbles or Vibrates While Braking

No matter what the issue is, our mechanics can get the problem diagnosed & repaired quickly, getting you back on the road with a car you can trust. To further ensure your satisfaction, we back our work with our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty so you can drive with confidence.

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Located in Bellingham, Bruce Cox Imports also helps Import auto owners from surrounding areas including:

If your brakes are beginning to experience issues or to schedule routine maintenance for your car, please call or visit our shop today.

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