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Nothing takes the joy out of driving faster than seeing the check engine light on your dashboard. With dozens of potential causes, finding out the cause for your check engine light can range from minor fixes to expensive repairs & replacements. At Bruce Cox Imports we know you want any issues with your check engine light taken care of quickly and accurately. That’s why we specialize in Import auto diagnostics, helping Bellingham area drivers take care of their cars faster & with a commitment to quality.

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At Bruce Cox Imports we know how important having the right equipment is when it comes to any diagnostics, especially the check engine light. To ensure the highest accuracy & fastest repairs possible when an issue is found, we focus on specializing in Import vehicles, including all models of:

Import Auto Check Engine Light Diagnostics Service

We keep our shop fully equipped with the latest factory-grade diagnostics, so you can always trust our results are accurate the first time.

Common Check Engine
Light Causes Include

  • Faulty Catalytic Converter
  • Failing Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF Sensor)
  • Broken or Loose Gas Cap
  • Worn Out Spark Plugs

Of course, there are other, more serious issues that can keep the light on including:

  • Engine Issues
  • Transmission Problems
  • Emissions System Problems
  • Ignition System Issues

Once the check engine light is on, getting the issue diagnosed quickly is vital as prolonged driving can easily make any issue worse, leading to more expensive repairs and more time with your car out of commission. No matter the problem, you can count on our ASE certified mechanics to get the problem repaired right the first time. You can also drive confidently as we back our work with our 24-month/24,000-mile nationwide warranty to further ensure your satisfaction.

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Bruce Cox Imports has been helping Import auto owners with high-quality engine light diagnostics since we first opened back in 1995. Our reputation for quality repairs and superior customer service has also helped us become the go-to shop for drivers from surrounding areas including:

Whether it’s a diagnostic appointment or any repairs needed, our team is here to help. Please call or visit our shop today with any questions for our staff or to schedule your next appointment.

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