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High-Quality Import Auto Oil Change
Services in Bellingham

When you get an Import car, you’re expecting the best possible performance and features every time you get behind the wheel. One way to maintain the performance you expect from your car, is to keep up with your car’s oil change service schedule. When drivers extend the time between oil change services, they’re limiting the performance of their vehicle and running the risk of their car developing long-term problems. At Bruce Cox Imports we offer high-quality oil change services for Import vehicles all throughout the Bellingham area. Not only that though, we make oil changes easier & more convenient, so you never feel the need to wait too long between services.

The Right Materials
for Your Import Vehicle

At Bruce Cox Imports, our ASE certified mechanics understand that the quality of materials used for your car’s oil change is just as important as the service itself. We keep our shop fully equipped with the same replacement filters & oil as the dealerships, allowing us to provide complete oil change services for all models of:

Import Auto Oil Change Service

Our team has decades of experience working with Import vehicles and we know all the ins & outs of how your car should feel. With that in mind, we always work with you to make sure your car feels & performs exactly how it should after every visit.

Why You Should Follow
Your Oil Change Schedule

You always hear that oil changes are important but not every driver knows why they’re so important. Annual oil changes have many different benefits on the overall health & performance of your car, including:

  • Reduced Emissions
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Cleaner Engine Performance
  • Improved Engine Performance

You want your car to perform at the highest level and our technicians will always work with you to make sure your car stays in peak condition for the longest lifespan possible.

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Whether your car’s A/C is experiencing issues, or you want to schedule routine service to make sure everything is working properly, the team at Bruce Cox Imports has you covered. Conveniently located in Bellingham since 1995, our shop has also grown to be the #1 Import auto shop for drivers from surrounding areas including:

Please call or visit our shop today with any questions about service for your car or to schedule your next appointment.

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