The transfer case is a crucial component in your Volvo as it plays a critical role in the overall performance of your luxury car. However, issues with the functioning of the transfer case can create havoc with your Volvo and often lead to the breakdown of your car.

What is a Transfer Case?

Most of the time it is seen that drivers aren’t aware of certain parts in their vehicle and the transfer case features at the top of the list which is least known to people. The transfer case is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the front and rear wheels of your high-end car.

In fact, the transfer case is an intricate part of the drivetrain and is powered by the transmission output shaft of your car. Most of the time it is observed that issues with the functioning of the transfer case are caused due to lack of proper maintenance or failure to follow the maintenance schedule of your Volvo.

Signs Of Transfer Case Failure

Unusual Sounds

One of the primary signs associated with transfer case failure is related to hearing unusual sounds coming from under the hood of your car while driving. A malfunctioning transfer case failure often produces clicking, squeaking, and grinding sounds when you are driving your vehicle.

Generally, when you are driving your Volvo under normal circumstances, you are never going to hear anything unusual from under the hood other than the roar of the engine. However, transfer case failure does lead to unusual sounds from the car and these are produced due to worn-out components of the transfer case.

Problems With 4WD

Often luxury cars including your Volvo come equipped with very advanced features like the 4WD system. The switching of the transfer case from 2WD to 4WD becomes seamless when the transfer case functions optimally.

If you happen to come across a delayed shift from your 2WD to 4WD, then it is a clear indication that something is fishy with the transfer case of your car. Moreover, in certain instances, it is observed that the transfer case disengages from the 4WD drive on its own which is a clear indication of a faulty transfer case.

Some drivers have the habit of ignoring the problems with their transfer case because they aren’t aware of the repercussions they have to face because of the problem. For example, if the transfer case gets stuck or shifts to a lower gear when you are driving, then it can lead to collisions with other cars.

Problems In Gear Shifting

The gear-shifting process in your luxury car should be so smooth that you don’t feel anything while driving your vehicle. However, the problems with the functioning of the transfer case ultimately take their toll on the shifting of the gears in your car.

Most drivers encountering transfer case failure in their Volvo have reported rough gear shifts which often also lead to vibrations or jerks in the vehicle. The problems with the shifting of the gears in your Volvo are primarily caused due to lack of adequate quantity of transfer case fluid in your vehicle.

Burning Smells & Fluid Leaks

The problems with the functioning of the transfer case often lead to a burning smell in your vehicle. Especially the burning smell is caused due to lack of adequate transfer case fluid in your vehicle as discussed above and this leads to the burning smell.

The low levels of transfer case fluid is often caused due to a leakage of transfer case fluid. If this burning smell is accompanied by a puddling of fluid underneath your vehicle, then it indicates transfer case failure due to transfer case fluid leakage.

Addressing The Problem

The challenge lies in diagnosing a faulty transfer case in your Volvo. If you are thinking about following some DIY videos from the internet, it can quickly become an expensive & time-consuming hassle.

The best thing you can do is to consult with an ASE-certified mechanic who will use advanced tools & equipment to inspect your transfer case & identify the source of the problem which will open the doors toward a solution.

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