If you own a Subaru, you may have experienced a battery drain at some point. While this can be frustrating, it’s important to understand the causes of a battery drain in order to prevent it from happening again. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top factors that cause a battery drain in a Subaru. By understanding these factors, you can take steps to avoid them and keep your Subaru running smoothly.

Engine Size

Engine size is an important factor that affects the performance of electric vehicles. Large engines are capable of producing more power but come at a cost. They require a lot more energy to do so, meaning the battery life of the vehicle is greatly reduced. Models with bigger engines can be faster on the roads, but owners will need to factor in how often they need to stop and recharge their battery. Every EV owner needs to consider their options carefully and choose the right mix of engine size and battery range to suit their needs.

Age of Your Subaru

As any car ages, its battery will inevitably experience diminished capacity over time or potentially sudden failure. This is often due to common issues like corrosion of the battery connections, and it’s important to keep up with regular checkups and maintenance to ensure that a vehicle’s battery remains in good condition.

Increased stop-start cycles along with hot climates can also cause accelerated degradation of a vehicle’s battery, which can lead to decreased performance and reliability problems.

Driving habits, like letting the engine idle for too long, can also cause an aged car’s battery capacity to slowly lessen. Substituting an aged vehicle’s old battery with a new one is often necessary in order to keep up with proper road safety and prepare for more pleasurable rides.


As the climate changes, so does the toll that it takes on your Subaru’s parts. Batteries are no exception. Extreme heat or cold can profoundly affect the life of a battery. In an environment with constantly changing temperatures, like most places experience due to climate change and urbanization, batteries must constantly work in order to maintain a steady temperature or else they will drain quickly. This makes understanding how to stay on top of proper battery maintenance even more important than ever before.

Responsible, preventive maintenance is key to extending the life of your batteries, so being aware of the effects that climate can have on your battery’s performance is essential for avoiding any negative impacts.

Frequent short trips

Though frequent short trips may seem like the most convenient choice, they come with a hidden cost. Starting and stopping the car’s engine frequently will use up substantial energy each time, which can soon cause your car battery to be drained much quicker than usual.

Try to make every effort possible to reduce the number of shorter trips you take so as to minimize damage that is done over time. Even though it might be less convenient at the moment, this small change can make a world of difference in terms of preserving your vehicle’s battery life.

Number of electrical accessories

Having a large number of electronic accessories in your car can have an adverse effect on the battery life. Additional running board lights, heated seats, entertainment centers, and other specialty features all draw extra power from the battery, making it drain faster than usual.

To prolong the life of your battery, be sure to limit how often you are using these electronics or how long they stay on for when not in use. That way you don’t find yourself stranded with a dead battery!

Bruce Cox Imports for Your Subaru’s Longevity

If you take good care of it, your car battery should Subaru Battery Check last for several years. However, there are a few things that can accelerate the drainage of your battery and shorten its lifespan. Be aware of these factors so you can prolong the life of your car battery and avoid being stranded with a dead one.

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