When it comes to your Honda’s maintenance, power steering hoses may not be the first thing on your mind. However, they play a critical role in your car’s safety and performance. These hoses are responsible for carrying hydraulic fluid, which assists in making steering effortless and responsive. So, while power steering hoses may seem like minor components in the grand scheme of your Honda’s mechanics, their role is indispensable, as they connect the power steering pump to the steering gear, ensuring that the hydraulic power steering system functions properly.

Other Functions of the Power Steering Hose in Your Honda

The primary function of power steering hoses in Honda is to transmit power steering fluid between the power steering pump, the steering gear, and the power steering reservoir. Aside from transmitting steering fluid, other functions of the hose include;

Preventing Leaks

Power steering hoses are typically made from reinforced rubber or high-quality synthetic materials that can withstand high hydraulic pressures and temperature variations. They are designed to be flexible, allowing for movement as the steering wheel is turned. The construction and quality of these hoses are critical in preventing leaks, as any leaks in the power steering system can lead to reduced steering assistance and potential damage.

Pressure Transmission

Power steering systems work by creating hydraulic pressure to assist in turning your car’s wheels. Power steering hoses ensure this high pressure is maintained in the hydraulic fluid being transferred to the steering gear.

Why Does The Power Steering Hose Fail?

Use and Natural Degradation

As time goes on, the rubber hoses that make up the power steering system can deteriorate due to a combination of factors. The natural aging process and constant flexing due to steering movements all contribute to the wear and tear of this component. As the hoses age, they become more susceptible to cracks and leaks. The rubber may lose its elasticity, leading to a reduction in flexibility and a compromise in the overall integrity of the hoses.

High Temperatures

The power steering system operates in a high-temperature environment due to its proximity to the engine. The combination of engine heat and the heat generated within the power steering system can accelerate the breakdown of the hoses. Over time, this constant exposure to high temperatures can make the hoses brittle, causing them to leak.


The power steering fluid used in the system must remain clean and free from contaminants to operate effectively. Any foreign particles that enter the steering system can lead to abrasion and damage to the hoses. These contaminants can gradually wear down the rubber, creating weak spots that may eventually result in leaks.

Physical Damage

The power steering hoses are located in a vulnerable position underneath the vehicle. Accidental impacts or scrapes from road debris can cause damage to the hoses.

How Can You Know When Your Power Steering Hose Is Failing?

Fluid Leaks

One of the most apparent signs of steering hose failure is the presence of steering fluid on the ground beneath your vehicle. These leaks may start as small drips but can escalate to a substantial loss of fluid if not addressed promptly.

Difficulty Steering

As power steering fluid leaks from the system, the hydraulic pressure required for assistance diminishes. This results in increased steering effort, particularly at low speeds or when the vehicle is stationary. You may find it more challenging to turn the steering wheel.

Noisy Steering

A whining noise when turning the steering wheel is often a telltale sign of low power steering fluid levels. This noise is caused by air entering the steering system due to a leak, and it can be an early indicator of a problem.

To prevent power steering hose failures, you need to adhere to Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule. Take your car to a competent shop for steering fluid flushes and other maintenance to help keep the fluid clean and prevent contamination-related damage.

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